We welcome all Thetas in the Louisville area to become a member of the KAO Louisville Alumnae Chapter.  Remember that Theta is for a lifetime and the reasons you pledged may still be true today.  Come have fun with old friends or make new ones!  If you are not sure that we have your contact information or you are new to the area, please contact our president or membership chairman so you will receive our newsletters and email reminders for our events.  

Mission Statement:  Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow Kappa Alpha Theta exists to nurture each member throughout her college and alumnae experience and to offer lifelong opportunity for social, intellectual, and moral growth as she meets the higher and broader demands of mature life.

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Looking to get more connected?  Kappa Alpha Theta's inCircle is a secure online social and professional networking tool exclusively for Thetas.  inCircle helps find old friends and meet new ones in a simple and valuable way.  Through inCircle you can interact with other Thetas all over the world or right here in your community.  It's very easy to join.  Visit the main Kappa Alpha Theta website, kappalphatheta.org, and follow the instructions.  There is a Louisville group.  COME JOIN US!

ALUMNAE CHAPTER FAQ (taken from the national website)

What is an alumnae chapter?

An alumnae chapter is a group of Theta alumnae that has been granted a charter from Grand Coucil.  To receive a charter the group must have at least ten active members in good standing; to maintain it's charter the group must have at least five active members in good standing.

What do alumnae chapters do?

Alumnae chapters offer a variety of programs and events to meet the needs and interests of their membership.  These could include community volunteer involvement, networking opportunities, philanthropic projects, and social events and meetings with themes or guest speakers.  Many alumnae chapters also offer "special interest" groups, such as a downtown lunch group, a gardening group, or a recent graduates group.

Do I have to be invited to an alumnae chapter meeting?

NO!  You don't have to wait for an invitation; an alumne is always welcome at an alumnae chapter meeting.  Alumnae chapters involve a very small time commitment.  (The Louisville Alumnae chapter typically meets four times a year.)

How much are the annual dues?

Louisville Alumnae Chapter dues are $40 per year.  We also have a $60 and $100 level for those wishing to contribute more.  This finances our programs and mailings, supports our philanthropies, prints our directory and newsletters, and pays our national dues.

How do I receive a copy of the Louisville Alumnae Directory?

All dues-paying members receive a copy of the direcetory at no additional charge.  It includes all Theta alumnae living in the Louisville metropolitan area for whom we have current contact information.

How often is the newsletter mailed?

The newsletter is emailed to those having an email address and mailed to those who do not as listed in our directory twice per calendar year.  The distribution takes place after our Founders Day in January and before our Potluck Supper in September.    
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